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There ya are.

2008-06-06 20:25:59 by Meepdude

Theres another hentai quiz for you all. This time its a Bleach hentai quiz. Now gimme a break! My whole life can't be devoted to making hentai quizzes for you all. I have lots of other stuff to attend to!! Sure, I'll make some but I cant garuntee (however the hell you spell it) that I'll have one up like every month. Making those takes time and unfortunatly I dont have alot of time on my hands. Plus my sister enjoys ratting me out cause she sucks. If you are reading this, Cynthia, then DIEEE!! DIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!! And go to hell while you're at it.

EDIT: LOOL!! Have you people read the reviews on the quiz? They're hilarious.

There ya are.


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2008-06-07 00:02:41

that sucks about the sister dude, but when there is the possibility of someone ratting you out, take precautions to avoid the situations for them to rat on you.

I recommended most of your "meepos quiz's" to the Hentai Quiz Games collection, let that brighten your day.

Meepdude responds:

whee, day has been slightly brightened.


2008-06-07 13:06:16

sorry bout yer sister, do you need me to take care of her? im recommending all your stuff. btw that wasnt the full comic, ive seen the whole thing. but i guess some people might be scarred by the rest of it

Meepdude responds:

LOL YES THEY WOULD BE SCARRED! I was mortified too. Then it showed the whole thing was a dream but STILL!! I figured I'd spare them the sorrow of having to see what happens.


2008-06-07 22:31:09

thanks meep and with your sister tell her i said stop being a bitch and let a dude, do what he wants do when it comes to this crap and whenever u post stuff its cool thanks again for the new submission

Meepdude responds:

nooooooooo proooooooooob


2008-06-15 20:29:54

ok god i love ur quizes .....and i am not scareded easly send me the rest i wana see it lol and wow sounds like ur sisters sucks i have one of my own little bitch i i know she gana be a whore

Meepdude responds:

Im not giving away the clip anymore. sorry.


2008-06-16 12:44:41

all hail the meepo

meepo rules the world

Meepdude responds:

uh... o..k..?


2008-06-17 23:48:56

nice job on ur new-found achievement!.....seriously, nice job dude! keep up the sexy work! (no homo)

Meepdude responds:



2008-06-20 19:22:55

The meep is back with another quiz eh? Ive never seen the whole comic but it looked like things were going to get CRAAAAAZY! You might have done some permenant brain damage if you showed the whole thing.

Im gonna try to find the whole thing and see what happens. Dont worry, ill have 911 ready in case i start to go into spasms. =)

Meepdude responds:

WHOA!! DONT, DUDE!! If you find the rest, the only reason you'd go into a spasm is because your eyes would implode and NOT in a good way.


2008-06-23 00:45:49

Im willing to take the risk. I like stuff thats shocking. Dont worry, if i find it (which i doubt i will) i wont tell anyone where to find it.

Meepdude responds:

good luck


2008-06-24 19:36:09

hey meep whats up not much my slef i thought the quiz easy yet a nice end , well check out my new post if u get a chance.

Meepdude responds:

alright yo


2008-07-01 15:58:46

ARG! i will find it! so far i have this:

Im not even sure if some of the letters are correct.

And it only took me a week to find that >=)

Meepdude responds:

wow thats not even close. At all. Holy crap.


2008-07-07 16:56:13

Ya fuck it I give up. lol


2008-07-11 18:54:56

I Just wanna know 1:If the rest of the comic is so bad why did you finish it and 2: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS!?! it sounds like she starts tearing off her flesh or something.

Meepdude responds:

Erm... no it just gets a little.... weird. Crazy asians.


2008-07-13 00:19:47

There shit. And no more Black and White, i couldnt even look at it damn.

Meepdude responds:

But you did.


2008-07-13 13:25:59

Ah this sucks, wish ur sister didnt found out about this....lucky i dont have a sister =/ becuz of her....u stoped ur meepo quiz

Meepdude responds:

Yea, i wish i could continue it but now i cant. If i do, then it'll be a new game like every month or so. It'd be reeeealy slow progress.


2008-07-14 08:06:27

.I found it. Yikes.

Meepdude responds:

Those crazy crazy asians.


2008-07-19 15:21:59

I saw it. Ew. I hate my own curiousity.

Meepdude responds:

Yea me too.


2008-08-28 16:55:27

Can u teach me how to make ur quizs?


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