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2008-05-11 18:37:44 by Meepdude

Back from vacation but my internet is crapping out. I'll have to fix it. -.-''


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2008-05-11 18:42:13

Is is a virus?

Meepdude responds:

lets hope not. im using the internet on my Wii


2008-05-13 00:01:34

you are sweet and i to have a virus and its hiv and im hiv + (i do not have hiv) p.s. if you know what that is from your even grater

Meepdude responds:

i sure am "grate", arent I?


2008-05-14 20:53:20

well that really sucks bout your comp.....huh and doesnt it figure that when u get back from a vacation ur comp breaks

Meepdude responds:

God dislikes me.


2008-05-20 15:02:32

errrr i am a big fan and this pisses my off i am gana send a complaint to GOD....damn virus!

Meepdude responds:

whee fixed it. Im back online.


2008-05-25 06:47:34

So that means that you'll do another meepo quiz? Please do so! Cause i'm dying.....

Meepdude responds:

I dont know if I will. I might though, since people liked it so much.


2008-05-25 22:48:35

i am not a perv i was just saying that becaes the red guy is saking and the blue guy to but the girls did not do they did some thing eles sorry god.

Meepdude responds:



2008-06-01 12:30:59

hey me again great to hear u fixed the damn comp..... i hope u come out with some thin amazing u always do !peace!

Meepdude responds: