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Chicks in Naruto have huge racks...

2008-03-30 15:26:09 by Meepdude

Well, i finished up a new quiz and submitted it today. This ones a Naruto hentai quiz. Check it out when ya get the chance. The button to get to the hentai clip is in the same place it always is: the bottom right corner.


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2008-03-30 17:55:14

when i saw the quiz i rated it a 2 on accedent sry.

Meepdude responds:

aww... D:


2008-03-30 18:03:58

u are one of the main people i love to see come out with a quiz rock on and dont stop

Meepdude responds:

Woot. Rock on, I shall.


2008-03-30 19:29:31

LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I MADE "The most kick ass review EVAR" !

FEAR ME! For i shall make many many more great reviews in the future!

Meepdude responds:

LET IT BE KNOWN THAT I...... got nothing witty to say.


2008-03-31 07:10:24

I like it! nt for the hentia, but for the silly questions... They make me laugh! keep up the quizes as long as you include the halrious questions too! =D

Meepdude responds:

I'll be sure to put "halrious" questions in all my quizzes.


2008-03-31 17:11:12

i still voted a 5 on the other thing becuz after i played i read it.

Meepdude responds:

oh. woot.


2008-04-02 14:52:30

what is a meep? o.O

(Updated ) Meepdude responds:

its anything you want it to be! ...actually I have no clue. Its just a word that stuck with me through the years. I guess I like it cause it sounds so identical to my name, Meepo.


2008-04-15 22:58:53

dude you rox and my favorite thing of all that you made is "brush yo teeth"
i added a few verses in my comment so...
watev you rox im gona check your quiz soon...

Meepdude responds:

go 4 it


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