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Heads up!

2008-02-25 20:03:07 by Meepdude

just a quick heads up! Meepos Quiz 4 is already out! Check it out when ya get the chance!

Collaborative Project

2008-02-24 23:45:06 by Meepdude

Me and Naruto-fan-for-life are gonna be working on a project. Woot.


2008-02-24 15:23:26 by Meepdude

SUPER UPDATE: YEEEEEAAAA!!! I got Meepos Quiz 4 on Newgrounds!! TAKE THAT, COMPUTER!!

I have Meepos Quiz 4 RIGHT HERE ON MY DESKTOP but i cant submit it!! It just keeps loading and loading and loading and never finishes!! And on top of that, I tried to upload it again today but I first tested to see if it would work by uploading this crap flash I made a long time ago, "Dez". It uploaded cause the file was so small. So I removed it and tried uploading MQ4 but it wouldnt finish. To my surprise, it let me submit it even though it wasnt done uploading MQ4! So i submitted it BUUUUUT it didnt upload MQ4. It uploaded Dez. *smacks forehead* This is really pissing me off. MQ4 is WAAAY overdue and I apologize to all of you newgrounders for not submitting it, but its not my fault! D:

UPDATE: WHAAAAT THEEEE FAAAACK???? Dez passed judgement!! But that flash sucked!! He may be a cute blob but the flash still sucked as much as a vacuum!! I dont get it. O.o Oh well!


How discouraging....

2008-02-22 17:35:18 by Meepdude

*sigh* I just submitted Super Cartoon Heroes today. I spent weeks on that flash and it got a pretty low score. How discouraging.... I think I'm gonna take a break from animation for awhile....

Hooray for Tom!

2008-02-20 10:54:46 by Meepdude

Yay! Tom increased my file upload limit to 15mb which means I can submit MQ4. HOWEVER, it'll take me some time since I need to edit it a bit. Shouldn't take too long.

Love is in the air!

2008-02-15 18:08:35 by Meepdude

Finished my Valentine flash and submitted it. Check it out when you get the chance! Long live the Cartoon Heroes!! ^-^

PS: I'll get to submitting MQ4 soon.

Love is in the air!


2008-02-14 23:05:53 by Meepdude

Made a flash for Valentines. Cant submit it though cause of some unknown error. Guess I wont get to submit it in time for Valentines. Goddammit.


2008-02-05 16:49:44 by Meepdude

My girlfriend recently dumped me. Progress on Meepos Quiz 4 will be slowed drastically....

PS: Heres a treat: the icon for MQ4.


Isnt it a shame?

2008-02-03 23:34:20 by Meepdude

Isnt it a shame that the second your flash leaves the Flash Portal page it instantly becomes forgotten, lost among the thousands of other forgotten flashes and crap-submissions by the Kitty Krew? Tsk tsk....


2008-02-03 03:32:51 by Meepdude

I have very good news and very bad news! First the very good news: I HAVE FINISHED MEEPOS QUIZ 3 AND I GOT IT UNDER 10MB!! But the very bad news is I cant submit it till tomorrow cause I already submitted 2 different flashes on another account! :3 Talk about ironic, huh? I finally finish it but I cant submit it till tomorrow. So to those of you who I messaged saying that Meepos Quiz 3 is out, well FALSE ALARM! Dont worry, it'll be out by tomorrow! Sorry about the wait!

EDIT: Nevermind!! Meepos Quiz 3 is out already! Get your asses in gear and check it out! :D